“We want a private marital life” – Appiatse victims cries

Some of the victims of the Appiatse explosion have asked the committee in charge of their care for private tents

Appiatse Explosion Victims Cries For HelpSome victims expressed their grievances, stating that the reconstruction of their community was their primary priority.

They can’t wait to get their lives back on track, and they’re grateful for the government’s quick response as well as some generous individuals who have donated to them.

One of the main worries expressed by some women from the camp is that they haven’t been able to get sexually intimate with their spouses since the tragedy.

Sex, they claim, will be another sort of therapy that will help them avoid being depressed as a result of the incident that has befallen them.

However, because they are sharing tents with other victims, it is impossible to get sexual with their partners owing to privacy concerns.

Mr Thywill Quarshie, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) for an 11-member committee tasked with managing donations for the Appiatse explosion victims, said the private tents are insufficient. Initially, they planned to give each household a private tent, but they only had 20 of them, which will be insufficient.

At this time, the best they can do is make sure that each victim has a tent and a place to stay at the lodge, which means that some families will have to share tents until they have enough private ones.

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