Video: Kayayei Boy Caught M0l3sting Ladies In Market (watch)

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After watching the video, many social media users couldn’t keep their mouths shut. In the video, you can clearly see that a lot of people in this market were busy purchasing food, but this gentleman was not purchasing any goods.

He was only interested in the but.t0cks of the ladies he saw at the market. This guy joins a line by getting close to the backside of a lady when he sees a lot of people crowded at one place. So while everyone else in the market is shoving and shoving, he is taking pleasure in the ladies’ backsides.

Two different locations in the market allowed the cameraman to catch this guy enjoying the backsides of two different women. Some women who saw the video reported having had similar experiences to the one depicted in it while out shopping. They couldn’t do anything, though, because the market was packed to capacity and everyone was eager to leave.

Watch the video below.


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