“Ghana is better in ensuring human rights than USA” – Hon Samuel Nartey George

Sam George On Lgbtqia+
“Lgbtqia Bill:ghana Is Better In Ensuring Human Right Than Usa” – Hon. Samuel Nartey George
Hon. Samuel Nartey George popularly known as Sam Dzata George has stated that USA cannot be compared to Ghana in ensuring proper human rights.

Hon. Samuel Nartey George, who is the member of the for the Ningo Prampram, has of late been in the news for championing the Proper Human Sexual and Ghanaian Family Bill which seeks to abor the advocacy of LGBTQIA activities in Ghana.

Talking on Joynews’ program known as News File, the member of parliamentt stated he hasn’t seen anybody who has been killed in Ghana due to his/her gender non-conformity. “When we talk about violence and and attack on these people due to their gender non conformity, show me one who has been killed in Ghana?”, he asked. He also stated that, 21 as at June 14 2021, has been killed in the United States.

The member of parliament continued that, we shouldn’t be learning human rights from the United States because they withdrew from the United Nations Human Rights Commission due to an investigation UN wanted to organize. He also said Ghana has a better record in human rights that needs to be protected.

“When it comes to human rights, we shouldn’t be taking lectures from countries like the United States because they withdrew from the United Nations Human Rights Commission, simply because we wanted to have an investigation into the human right track record of the US government, Dzata George roared.

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He also stated that it is loose to base the LGBTQIA controversy on how two consented adults having sex affect a third person because the anus does not allow penetration and when you force that you would have a medical disorder.

According to Samuel Nartey George, it’s not a natural order since you are going to have a medical disorder when you allow constant penetration into the anus and that is not the natural way.

The Proper Human Sexual and Ghanaian Family Bill.

The Proper Human Sexual and Ghanaian Family Bill is a private bill drafted by eight members of parliament, which intends to ensure natural human sex and promote the Ghanaian family and culture. The bill when passed into law will abor the advocacy of LGBTQIA through any platform.

This bill after drafted, has seen much support from the Ghanaian community with a few against it. Hon. Samuel Nartey George, who has been “fighting” critics, has also been well hailed by most Ghanaians.

This bill has been gazetted at parliament and ready to be debated on the floor of parliament on the 2nd of August. According to Alhassan Suhuyini, member of parliament for Tamale North, he is sure the bill will be passed into law when submitted to parliament because he has discussed with many colleagues who are ready to vote for the bill.

However, some social media NPP communicators and top personalities in the ruling party, New Patriotic Party, sees this as a smart play by the largest opposition party National Democratic Congress, to cut the source of government funding as most project of the government is funded on aids and loans from the western world.

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