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Speak Your Mind Movement
Kwabena Yeboah writes:
“I don’t really understand why President Akufo Addo want Ghanaians to mount pressure on him, before he releases the names of the MMDCE out to the public.
Barely seven months in his second term in office and there is nobody norminated as MMDCE either in a district or municipality.
Why should a transitional government in power delays or find it difficult to norminates his MMDCE to represent the local government in the district and municipal level.

Now every developmental projects in most district and municipality have become standstill.
Those MMDCE in power now can’t facilitated any contracts in terms of approval.Since their term of office is over since April.
So are those MMDCE receives monthly salaries since their term in office came over?
How would the Ghanaian people feels the working output of the local government in their various district and municipality.
What kind of patienceness is keeping the President to bring the names of the MMDCE out? They are his party people,he has worked with some of them before,he knows those who didn’t performed to his satisfaction so what is the long waiting for, before he will released their names out?
No matter the names of the MMDCE he will released,it can’t satisfied everybody, some people will still disagreed or won’t be happy with him, so why is he waiting?

Now there are a lot of functions mounting serious pressure on him, through lobbing, the traditional council’s, looking for an indigent,the party people lobbing for one of their own.This clearly shows that Mr President Akufo Addo you can’t pleased and satisfied everybody.

You alone have the executive power to hired and fired.The fact that you norminates the MMDCE for the assembly approval, doesn’t mean you can’t fired them, when they are not performing to your standard.

Keeping people waiting for too long with rather spark conflicts and misunderstandings to your normination list when it comes out.It will call for speculations, accusation, and set the tone of blame games among your party people.
Mr President Akufo Addo you being a politician, you know that propaganda plays a keening role in Ghana politics. Your own party people can tagged you that you want the one who will succeed you, that’s your favorite to take a political advantageous, over the one’s you don’t support to be comes the next flagbearer for the new patriotic party (NPP) in the coming general elections in 2024.

Some can also blame you for an unsubstantial evidence, that you don’t want the new patriotic party (NPP) to break the eight, that’s why you deliberately kept waiting for too long, for releasing the names of the MMDCE, since the working output of the local government has been freezed for seven months.
Another flimsy accusation will be that because you have deliberately purpose in your heart to release incompetent MMDCE who can’t performed, so you kept waiting as if you were doing a thorough investigations and backgrounds checks properly to norminates the preferred choices.

Don’t wait any longer bring the names of the MMDCE out in due time.
You can’t satisfied and pleased everybody.
Don’t forget that  
the opposition political parties are also waiting for your downfall.
Don’t loose your guard down.
Don’t allowed any pressure to confused you.
You are in charge, take control, for Ghanaians voted for you and elected you to become a president.

Kwabena Yeboah
Founder of Speak Your Mind Movement

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