UK immunologist calls for research into covid vaccines and period effects in women

Covid-19 Vaccines And Period Effects
Uk Immunologist Calls For Research Into Covid Vaccines And Period Effects In Women.

Suddenly changes in menstrual period and vagina bleeding must be investigated. According to a UK leading immunologist specializing in fertility,many reports have been received from women who sees changes in their period cycle and suddenly occurrence of vagina bleeding after taking the covid vaccine and this must be well investigated to give women the assurance in taking the COVID-19 vaccine.
According to a BBC report,Dr Victoria Male from Imperial College London, writing in the BMG revealed that has no link to infertility or change in period. She said this might be caused by the body’s immune response to the vaccine as there is no evidence that the vaccine has effect on pregnancy or fertility.
The UK’s regulator is said to have received more than 30,000 cases of women reporting impact on period.
These problems includes unexpected bleeding, heavier than usual period and delayed period out of about 47 million of women who have received the three vaccines.
Dr. Male still calls for vigorous investigation despite the Medicine and Healthcare Regulatory Agency’s (MHRA) claims that it has reviewed the report and does not prove a correlation between the symptoms and covid vaccines.
Menstrual disorders are extremely common, can be caused by many different things, and the numbers of women affected are low, it says.
Period changes have also been reported by some women after infection with the virus itself, and with long Covid”,the Medicine and Healthcare Regulatory Agency said.
Dr. Male holds the view that,the only way to fight the conspiracies and misinformation against the covid vaccines is to take a deep research into the reports.
Vaccine hesitancy among young women is largely driven by false claims that Covid-19 vaccines could harm their chances of future pregnancy.

“Failing to thoroughly investigate reports of menstrual changes after vaccination is likely to fuel these fears. If a link between vaccination and menstrual changes is confirmed, this information will allow people to plan for potentially altered cycles,” she stated.

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