Ghana Needs More  Lawyers To Protect the People- Prof. Kwaku Azar

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Professor Stephen Kwaku Asare
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Professor Stephen Kwaku Asare popularly known as Prof. Azar has said the lawyer to population ratio of Ghana is bad and Ghana needs more lawyers. He made this comment after Dennislaw Ghana published the total number of licensed chambers and lawyers from GBA’s portal.
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Source: Dennislaw Ghana

He said Ghana of a population of 3,000,000 needs to run  law and order with 3,213 which he sees it to be bad. He made this comment on his Facebook page. 

In prof’s write-up, he explained, “Per Dennislaw Ghana, the GBA portal indicates that we have about 3,213 lawyers as at June 2021.That is, we are supposed to run a country of law and order for 30,000,000 with 3,213 lawyers.

He continued, “President Nkrumah, when opening the then School of Law, which he saw as an avenue to make legal education accessible to the working classes and legal services available to the local communities, said”

He then quoted from H.E. Kwame Nkrumah, “Africa needs many lawyers. They are needed not only on the bench and at the Bar. They are needed in every sphere of government, whether national or local. They are needed equally in industry and commerce, and our plans for state industrial and agricultural development will require the services, among others, of lawyers.”

He continued by saying Nkrumah’s dream still remains a dream after 60years. “Kwame, 60 years after your dream, we boast of 3,213 lawyers compared to over 17,000 in Kenya.”

According to him, comparing our lawyer to population ratio to countries such as Kenya, Brazil, India and US, shows we are far behind. “Our 1 lawyer to 10,000 citizens compares “comfortably” to that of 1:265; 1:326; 1:951, 1:3,000 for US, Brazil, India and Kenya respectively.”

However, Prof. Azar gave out the only way he thinks we can increase our lawyer population. 

“We can easily grow the number of lawyers to 10,000 by 2025 if we get rid of the man-made bottlenecks. That will put us at par with Kenya.

Those who say it cannot be done must yield for those who know how to do it to get it done.” 

As he always concludes his write-ups, “#SALL is the cardinal sin of the 8th Parliament.

Da Yie!”

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