Gambaga: Palace Senior, Assemblymen Captured over Defacement at Building Site

Gambaga: Palace Senior, Assemblymen Captured Over Defacement At Building Site
Gambaga: Palace Senior, Assemblymen Captured Over Defacement At Building Site

A sub-boss and four assemblymen at Gambaga in the North East Region were on Saturday captured after angry youth supposedly actuated by the local area older folks vandalized building site having a place with a private designer, one Ziblim Fataw over supposed infringement.

Sources at the Gambaga Palace demonstrate that the land under conflict was rented to the public authority through the East Mamprusi Municipal Assembly to set up formative undertakings to help the region.

Castle correspondences asserted the head of Gambaga, Yahaya Wuni prior arranged the private designer to stop work on the contested land parcel.

The designer anyway resisted the orders and kept creating on the land.

The issue was then taken to the Nayiri, Overlord of the Mamprugu Traditional Area for a quiet goal where the Nayiri additionally guided the designer to empty the site as the spot was reserved for government projects.

The private designer, Ziblim Fataw anyway prosecuted the matter.

However, the court administered against him as indicated by the gathering individuals from Gambaga. The designer was said to have deserted the site longer than a year, just to return at the site to begin clearing the land for development attempts to start in October which incensed the young.

At a public interview on Sunday, November seventh, 2021 at the forecourt of theCheief’s castle, a senior of the royal residence, Kpanadaana Daniel Bukari Aloriwe addressed communicated the main’s dismay to the media.

“This lack of regard to the boss and the whole Gambaga people group is additionally because of the way that the region police order which ought to have been a mediator to agreeably assist with taking care of this issue is on the side of the encroacher”.

Further incensed by the capture, the Gambaga public proclaimed that they would not work with the District Commander of the East Mamprusi area, blaming him for favoring one side with the engineer.

They condemned the authority for saying that “Gambaga will go to Bawku” if the adolescent set out to annihilate the property of the engineer. That assertion has been deciphered by the inhabitants as calling for battle in the Gambaga town by the cop.

“For this amateurish assertion and a large number of his activities, amateurishly, the town says enough of his administration and we can’t work with him. We can’t direct the speed of his administration however at that point he’s not aiding us. He’s not keeping harmony but instead arousing enthusiasm and affecting the general population to savagery”, Daniel Bukari Aloriwe, the sub-boss said.

The adolescent who were clad in red arm groups pronounced that they are presently not prepared to work with the East Mamprusi Municipal police administrator, DSP Adjei Brobbey.

Be that as it may, when reached, the police administrator, DSP Adjei Brobbey would not remark on the supposed conflict mongering remark credited to him. He said the capture depended on guidelines from his Regional Police Commander.

“It was the IGP who brought me here. On the off chance that they can’t work with me they should report me to the IGP. In case they’re doing something as opposed to the law and I’m taking them on and they’re saying that they can’t work with me, fine. That one, the power lies in the Inspector General of Police and whatever choice that he takes on me, I’m prepared to take it”, DSP Adjei Brobbey said.

The captured people have since been conceded bail while the engineer escaped the Gambaga town.

Pettvonline News’ endeavors to contact him anyway were ineffective.

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