#FIXGES: Teacher Kwadwo Vows To Fight Until “Death”.

Michael Owusu Afriyie, popularly known as Teacher Kwadwo has vowed to fight for teachers until death.
Teacher Kwadwo has started a campaign titled #fixGES to fight for what teachers and students need for better education to take place. According to him, there are many irregularities going on between teachers and Ghana Education Service (GES) and if he doesn’t speak out, these things would be there forever.
 According to Teacher Kwadwo,he is from a “poor home” and knowing what the poor child passes through to complete school in Ghana, wouldn’t sit idle for students and teachers to suffer again.
In a facebook post, he said “Coming from a POOR HOME to where I am now,If I can be a Teacher and look at these kids without saying anything to rescue them,like God will even punish me.
I might not have that “POWER” but trust me,until I die,I’m not gonna stop fighting for them!!!! it’s a PROMISE!!! 💪🏾🔥
Screenshot 20210725 143639 1 Pettvonline
Facebook/Teacher Kwadwo
He stated that,he might not have the “power” but will fight for teachers and students till “death”
The #FixGES campaign.
Fix Ghana Education Service campaign wes initiated by Michael Owusu Afriyie, popularly known as Teacher Kwadwo. According to him teachers and students have been cheated for a long time by their authorities. Schools, especially those at the villages have been reserved as punishment for teachers and because of this, authorities do not provide these schools the needed resources for education to take place.
From the teacher, most Ghanaians have tagged the campaign with politics but he is not listening to any political party as this fight will continue until we get proper education, despite the party in power.
He explained some of these challenges, “Aside these INHUMAN TREATMENTS that Teachers and Learners go through in Government Schools(especially those in the villages).
Most of these District Directors and their counterparts in the Villages have taken it upon themselves and taking “Unlawful Money” from Teachers with Intimidation.
Whenever they wanna use that intimidation to take money from u and u say no,they will sideline u from their books.
They will make sure u feel uncomfortable till u quit the job.
Na Teaching Salary no how much is it that u still wanna take some from them? hur!!! charlie it’s sad ooo..😢

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