Psychology of human development & learning (EDC 241) solved questions

Educational Psychology solved quiz and exams questions


Psychology Of Human Development And Learning Solved Exams And Quiz Questions

EDC 241, Psychology in Human Development and Learning – Educational Psychology solved exams and quiz questions for university students.

Educational Psychology Solved Quiz mcq

Question 1

An infant learns to focus its eyes on an object dangling before it. This is a sign of ____________________________________

Select one:

a. social referencing

b. maturation

c. development

d. growth

Question 2

The period from the onset of puberty until the beginning of adulthood


Select one:

a. neonatal period

b. childhood

c. infancy

d. adolescence


Question 3

Turner’s syndrome is a condition that occurs when there is an absence of a chromosome resulting in X0 combination. This condition is also known as_______________________

Select one:

a. Fragile X

b. Down’s Syndrome

c. Trisomy 21

d. Monosomy X

Question 4

Which of the following statements about the relevance of Educational Psychology in the classroom is QUESTIONABLE?

Select one:

a. It helps teachers to understand the range/limits of the potentialities of the child.

b. It helps teachers to understand how to infringe pains on pupils/students.

c. It helps teachers to understand the child, his/her need and development.

d. It helps teachers to understand the processes by which children/pupils learn.

Question 5

A pattern of birth complications and bodily defects in infants caused by excessive consumption of alcohol by the mother during pregnancy is known as_________________

Select one:

a. Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)

b. Down’s Syndrome

c. Phenylketonuria (PKU)

d. Klinefelter’s Syndrome

Question 6

According to Freud, at the phallic stage of human development, a boy may irrationally think that if his father were to find out about his love for the mother, his father would take away his penis. How does Freud call this irrational belief?

Select one:

a. Electra complex

b. Oedipus complex

c. Castration anxiety

d. Identification anxiety


Question 7

Mr. Joe Bobo often scolds her four-year old daughter for trying new activities. According to Erikson, the child may develop________________________

Select one:

a. Guilt

b. doubt

c. Shame

d. Inferiority

Question 8

At a meeting of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of your school, the Headmaster advised parents to provide their children with healthy nutrition and environment to develop their full potentials because heredity and environment cooperate to produce a person’s intelligence, height, temperament and weight. The Headmaster is articulating the_____________________________________

Select one:

a. interactionist view of human development

b. stability vs. change view of human development

c. continuity vs. discontinuity view of human development

d. heredity vs. environment view of human development

Question 9

The generic term used to describe the successfulness of the teaching and learning process is often known as______________________________

Select one:

a. andragogic knowledge

b. strategic pedagogy

c. pedagogic knowledge

d. effective teaching

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Question 10

Which of the following human development theorists’ view centre on the premise that the child’s development is embedded in a number of environmental systems?

Select one:

a. Erik Erikson

b. Jean Piaget

c. Urie Bronfenbrenner

d. Sigmund Freud

Question 11

Mr. and Mrs. Mensah complained to you after church service that their 3-year old Yaw Mensah now prefers to do things his own way. He walks away from them in church, picks which toy to play with, and makes choices about what to wear and what to eat. They appear quite worried about this development. Which of the following stages of Erikson’s psychosocial development will you be guided by in your offer of advice to the couple?

Select one:

a. Trust vs. Mistrust stage

b. Industry vs. inferiority

c. Initiative vs. Guilt

d. Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt

Question 12

A good teacher possesses all the following characteristics, EXCEPT

Select one:

a. Having knowledge of his/her subject.

b. Expecting too much from students.

c. Having a good sense of humor.

d. Making class interesting

Question 13

Sigmund Freud believed that, at a particular psychosexual stage of human development, frustration, overindulgence or any combination of the two may lead to __________________________________

Select one:

a. fixation.

b. castration anxiety.

c. Thanatos

d. Oedipus complex

Question 14

Assessment is embedded in educational psychology.

Select one:

a. True

b. False

Question 15

Observable actions and responses such as eating, talking, teaching can be described as ____________________________ behaviour.

Select one:

a. covert

b. overt

c. observant

d. mental

Question 16

Which of these sources of instinctual force is unresponsive to the demands of reality?

Select one:

a. Conscience

b. Id

c. Superego

d. Ego

Question 17

A one-week old zygote is called__________________________________

Select one:

a. foetus

b. blastocyst

c. placenta

d. ovum

Question 18

One of the following principles of human development asserts that a child’s ability to use words do not happen suddenly.

Select one:

a. The principle that development is epigentic

b. The principle that development is influenced by maturation

c. The directional principle of human development

d. The principle that human development proceeds from general to specific

Question 19

Which of the following domains of human development deals directly with self-identity and relationship with people?

Select one:

a. Psychosocial development

b. Physical development

c. Cognitive development

d. Moral development

Question 20

Fertilization takes place in the__________________________________

Select one:

a. placenta

b. ovaries

c. fallopian tube

d. womb

Question 21

Mr. Apinto’s inability to differentiate red and green colours may be due to a sex-linked biological characteristic.

Select one:

a. False

b. True

Question 22

A three-month-old baby begins to turn over and lie on its stomach. This is an example of _______________________________

Select one:

a. Maturation

b. Growth

c. Development

d. socialization

Question 23

The shortest stage of the postnatal developmental periods in humans is________________________________

Select one:

a. infancy

b. adolescent

c. adulthood

d. ovum

Question 24

One of the implications of the principles of human growth and development suggests that teachers should assign tasks that correspond with learners’__________________

Select one:

a. maturational level

b. social development

c. growth rate

d. emotional development

Question 25

According to the proximodistal principle of human development, the child will first gain control of the head, the arms before the legs.

Select one:

a. False

b. True

Question 26

The general term for substances or anything capable of causing birth defects is_____________________________

Select one:

a. teratogens

b. Phenylketonuria (PKU)

c. Down’s Syndrome

d. Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)

Question 27

One of the principles of human development is that children who are born on the same day do develop at the same rate.

Select one:

a. False

b. True

Question 28

Madam Awurama is midway through her first year of teaching. She feels frustrated with her job. She is developing a negative attitude, and it is carrying over in her teaching. Which of the following areas does Awurama need to work on the most at this point to become an effective teacher?

Select one:

a. Technology and diversity

b. Commitment and motivation

c. Classroom management and communication

d. Subject-matter competence and individual variations

Question 29

Trisomy 21 is NOT a nurture-related threat to prenatal development.

Select one:

a. True

b. False

Question 30

Mr. Mensah believes that all children are entitled to an education and that this education should focus on the whole child. His views are most consistent with those of E. L. Thorndike.

Select one:

a. True

b. False

EDC 241, Psychology in Human Development and Learning PDF – Educational Psychology solved exams and quiz questions for university students.

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