AAMUSTED local NUGS: KEYSFONDA releases projects for 2021/22

Aamusted Local Nugs
Aamusted Local Nugs: Keysfonda Releases Projects For 2021/22

Leadership of the Akenten Appiah-Menkah University of Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development local NUGS (AAMUSTED local NUGS) has released it 2021/22 academic year’s intended policies and projects.

The AAMUSTED local NUGS headed by it’s president,Mr. Nsafoa Emmanuel and Women Commissioner, Miss Nafisatu Fonda has entitled this project “KEYSFONDA 22”.

KEYSFONDA,as people call the duo,are poised to sell the less than years established university (AAMUSTED) to get the recognition a noble and entrepreneurial university deserves.


“Passport acquisition: NUGS will make it a policy that at least every cc member and student is aided financially (Absorption of some of the cost) for it’s acquisition, Birth certificates, free online applications, free scanning/Printing,photocopying and epayslip prints.Free internship forms.

Seminar on SLTF, Financial Discipline, Insurance avenues and Travel abroad /School Abroad seminars.

As usual , there shall be ezhwich, ssnit and bank acc opening* with selected banks that have student friendly services.



There is going to be an automatic car (golf2) from my own pocket to help students learn how to drive with ease at a fee agreed on by CC members of which agreed percentage for it’s maintainance and fueling and shall serve as a source of income generation to support nugs.

All interested students in acquiring a drivers license will enjoy it under the students package as nugs collaborates with DVLA directly.(Pɛkyɛɛɛ and Flexible terms of payment).


There will be support scheme for all the physically challenged students in terms of cash, provisions and in kind.

NUGS Feminine Support Scheme

All pregnant women and Nursing mothers would be privileged to secured a place that will be constructed solely by sponsorship from benevolent institutions,personalities to feed and breastfeed their babies .

Talks on Healthcare, “schooling and childbearing”, Screening (Breast cancer , etc )(Office of Wocom)

Nugs Praise Out

There will be a prayer , Praise and worship night (Non- -denominational) all students in collaboration with the SCB.

Nugs Parliament (Study Benches)

6 pieces, 1 each for a Hall and 2 for the summer heart area and Nsafoacare office under tree space(Opposite the library ground floor. This benches shall be wired and connected to lights with extension sockets for the purposes of charging our phones , Laptops

Nugs DateOut Val’s Day Jam .

We are looking forward for a night program for students , and knowing me knowing u challenge with “Obi ne no mpena” at a time of which some chocolates/something Red will be given out as awards to winners.

Nugs Student Support Scheme

Two persons from each class shall recieved a small package made up of provisions.Note the CC member is a student and equally qualifies.

Catch the Young Project

we are hoping to sponsor students who are blessed with talents (Singing, Raps,bloggers,IT experts, Dancing ).We will collaborate with Myndfm to host them for the Rap or singing battles on Saturdays.

NUGS Transport.

Ihave officially informed my MP to help us acquire at least two cars to help carry pregnant women and the sick from Entrance to ROB and from Halls/hostels to hospitals incase of emergency. It will also run on campus to fetch nugs some coins for its mantainance and fueling . if honoured, shall be called ‘the NUGS-Asenso transport’

Akenten Appiah Menkah Challenge and Home coming and Fundraising for Baby/Mother care unit on campus.

Aamusted Local Nugs President
Nsafoa Emmanuel – Aamusted Local Nugs President

We will be bringing all/available past Nugs executives from 2007-Date and Entrepreneurs for a talk on “how they made it”? and also used it as an opportunity to Finance the above project.

Appointment of Nugs Hall/Hostel MPs.

These persons shall report to nugs on the area of students welfare, hospitalization, bereavement and shall be the sole handlers of the nugs first aid boxes.

Souvenirs for CC members

There shall be well branded t shirt for all Cc members. Colour to be decided by cc members and will do.everything possible to make them ready and won for our first CC meeting.


Skill acquisition: weekly training for wocoms , students in area of pastries , etc.

Nugs Obaapa Challenge(Cooking competition)

Wocom Excellence Award: a maiden award scheme shall instituted to honour exceptional women(students) of virtue.

Meet a woman talkshow: Samira Bawumia or any woman who has distinguished herself as a feminine activist, the likes of Gifty Aunty etc.”

It should be noted that Nugs week, Nugs Excellence award, Miss Adorable,shall be observed by the AAMUSTED local NUGS 2021/22 administration.

AAMUSTED local NUGS believes when these policies and projects are successfully executed, it’ll give the recognition the noble institution deserves and help students equiped with some life skills after school as part of the instruction’s vision.

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