A Plus goes hard on chairman Wontumi

A Plus Goes Hard On Chairman Wontumi
A Plus Goes Hard On Chairman Wontumi

Kwame A Plus has viciously retaliated to the Ashanti Regional NPP Chairman in a lengthy-explosive message that has been found on his social media sites after being sued by Chairman Wontumi yesterday for his involvement in last weekend’s United Showbiz incident.

According to the daring and bold Kwame A Plus, apologizing to Chairman Wontumi will be over his dead body, and he is equally prepared to face him in court like a man.

In a show of defiance, Kwame A Plus posted an old video of Chairman Wontumi referring to former President John Mahama as a crook and an alcoholic.

He goes on to say that controversial Chairman Wontumi has done considerably worse in his political career, but he is angry because they discussed his seggs life on television.

The post read;

 “John Mahama is a drunkard and a thief.” You can say this about a former President but the same person is going about suing people. Such foolishness in this country!!! Pure foolishness!!! It is despite and Fadda Dickson who will apologise!! I hate foolishness!! If I respect you, you respect yourself!!!

“I don’t even want to be part of this stupidity so I’ll leave it here like this. All of you in government or whatever should not pretend as if you don’t know the Kwame A Plus you are dealing with. I love to fight with politicians. Especially those so called powerful ones. Anyone who wants a fight can decide to go get the support of Akufo Addo. E go over all of you. Mo nkwasias?m naa mo de te Ghana ha no!!! ?????”

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