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7 Parts Of Your Body You Shouldn’t Touch With Your Hands- CHECK OUT

7 Body Parts You Shouldn'T Touch With Your Hands.
7 Body Parts You Shouldn’T Touch With Your Hands. (Image Credit: Getty Images)

7 Parts Of Your Body You Shouldn’t Touch With Your Hands – Our hands are one of the most important parts of our bodies. We use our hands every second to perform one task or the other. This shows how important the hands are to our very existence. Although the hands are very important, they easily carry germs that can spread to other areas of the body. This is why you should avoid using your hands to touch the following parts of your body.

7 Parts Of Your Body You Shouldn’t Touch With Your Hands.

1) Your ear canal:

Why You Shouldn'T Touch The Ear
Avoid Touching The Ear With Your Hands. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Your hands contain germs. This is why it is wrong to stick them into your ear canal. An itching ear can be caused by wax accumulation or even infection. This is why it is preferable to see a doctor if such symptoms persist.

2) Your face:

Most people can’t do without touching their faces. The face is one place we touch almost every hour. However, the face is a very sensitive area of the body and bacteria from the finger can easily spread to it. It’s best to stick to using your hands to wash your face or to apply skincare.

3) The butt:

Why You Shouldn'T Touch Your Buttocks With Your Y
Avoid Touching The But With Your Hands.

Apart from washing your anus, it is wrong to stick your fingers there. This is because your anus contains bacteria that can be harmful. It is advised that you wash your hands thoroughly after touching your butt.

4) Your eyes: Your eyes are another important part of your body, this is why they should be treated with utmost care. Touching or rubbing your eyes with your hands can easily introduce bacteria to it and this can lead to infections.

5) Your mouth: A lot of people frequently stick their fingers into their mouths. However, this is very wrong as it can transfer germs from the fingers to the mouth.

6) The Nostrils: Avoid Putting Your Fingers In The NostrilPeople who stick their fingers inside their nose are more likely to contact bacteria and are prone to illnesses than those who don’t.

7) Under your fingernails: This is a perfect breeding place for bacteria, that’s why it is advised that you keep your fingernails as short as possible. Normal hand-washing may not be able to get rid of the bacteria under your nails.

Conclusion – 7 body parts you shouldn’t touch.

We hope this article will achieve it goal by helping you know the 7 Parts Of Your Body You Shouldn’t Touch With Your Hands. If you have any contribution or question, let us know through the comment box.

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