14 Romantic Questions and Ways To Ask In A New Relationship

14 Romantic Questions And Ways To Ask In A New Relationship
14 Romantic Questions And Ways To Ask In A New Relationship (Image Credit: Nd3000 / Getty Images/Istockphoto)

The right questions to get to know someone will help you get to know your partner deeper and, in turn, understand him deeper. This particular article lay emphasis on important questions you can ask your partner in a new relationship

14 Romantic Questions and Ways To Ask In A New Relationship .

1. What is the worst thing that ever happened to you as a child? It can be deep or shallow. As a child, we had different ideas about what is scary and what is not.

2. What do you like to do on a rainy day? This is a classic dating question. This is one of the best questions to ask someone because it can tell a lot about their personality.

3. What part of your culture are you most and least proud of? There is always something in the culture we are used to that we are most proud of and least of all proud of.

4. What qualities make a person a truly decent person?

5. What do you refuse to spend money on? As cheap as it is, there is one thing we never spend our money on.

6. Call yourself an extrovert or an introvert?The most basic thing you can ask, but also the most rewarding one to get to know someone.

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7. What exactly helps you decide that you can trust someone? Understand if you’re someone she can trust.

8. Ideally, how would you spend your birthday? A party with important people always happens in our lives, but what would you do if you could decide everything on your own?

9. What’s the weirdest nickname someone has for you and what is the story behind it?Nicknames, the crazier they are, the more fun! The backstory is always something to look forward to.

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10. How do you deal with people you really don’t like?This can say a lot about how a person handles situations that are not in their favor.

11. What is one thing that people will never know about you just by looking at you? We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and that’s why.

12. Do you prefer to cook or order? Sometimes it’s really fun to cook, but sometimes it feels like such a chore. You can even include this on your list of couples’ hobbies, so take a look! If she likes it, maybe it could be a hobby for the two of you.

13. Have you ever done or achieved something that you never thought about? What was it? This must be someone’s proudest moment. Let her tell everything herself.

14. How close are you to your family Depending on who you are talking to, this can be a sensitive topic. Therefore, use it with care.

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